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Why Choose Spencer for WELLNESS Support?

  1. Spencer is a Registered Massage Therapist and a Certified Personal Trainer.

  2. After completing licensure studies at the Florida School of Massage he took the advanced Sports Massage program.

  3. The many hands-on workshops he has taken include soft tissue injuries, shoulder (2), knee, psoas, neck tension, back pain, active isolated stretching.

  4. He has studied Pilates and Qi Gong.

  5. Spencer has completed in many triathlons and has swum with Masters teams in Florida and London.

  6. He has experienced injuries himself including medial epicondylitis (golfer's elbow), subscap tendinitis, thoracic outlet syndrome and psoas (hip flexor) tear, and personally understands their treatment.

  7. His life experiences may help others avoid injuries. Honouring client limitations is a priority.

  8. Spencer is a medical advocate for others and willingly does research to help educate and empower them.

  9. Spencer's core strengthening program can relieve and prevent back pain.

  10. With appropriate exercise therapy and help from physiotherapists and chiropractors, Spencer has almost eliminated symptoms from his degenerative discs and reversed his functional scoliosis. This back trouble is probably the consequence of the powerful torsion effects of squash strokes, inadequate or improper stretching, poor occupational posture, and a failure to understand the importance of balancing muscular dynamics. Education and adjustment from other professionals has been extremely valuable. This understanding is now available to Spencer's clients.

  11. Spencer has embraced a holistic approach to health since studying nutrition two decades ago. Concepts he was taught then are valid today, so advanced were the teachings of John Black.

  12. Spencer is a good fitness role model. He practices what he preaches, and has fun doing it.