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  1. Pushing exercises will use a stability ball instead of a bench. Balancing on a stability ball while using dumbbells requires the recruitment of abs, glutes and spinal supporting muscles that are not involved when a bench is used.

    ........... GET ON THE BALL ! ! !

  2. Many of life's activities (computer work, driving, throwing, swimming, eating reading) involve anterior muscles and a posture of medial (internal) rotation of shoulder anatomy. For this reason, at One-2-One WELLNESS a state-of- the-art pulley machine (redesigned by Atlantis in 2002 with input from professional athletes) will be used to focus on the posterior shoulder girdle. This will encourage muscular balance, improve posture, prevent or reverse osteoporosis and strengthen the critical rotator cuff muscles. Understanding the anatomy of the scapula and the functions of the muscles that attach to it is important in upper body strengthening and rehab programs.

  3. An exercise stops if there is a breakdown in form. For example, it is ill-advised to continue to perform a pre-determined number of leg raises if the client has lost the ability to draw navel to spine and to maintain a posterior pelvic tilt. Without transversus abdominus and the lower fibers of rectus abdominus engaged, the lumbar vertebrae are in jeopardy when legs are lowered. Protection of lumbar and cervical vertebrae is critical. Poor exercise technique is a factor in the prevalence of neck and back pain. Injury prevention is a priority at One-2-One WELLNESS.

  4. Compassion, attention and gratitude are important ingredients in the recipe for wellness. In the words of Aldous Huxley "there is beauty, meaning, truth, love and mystery in the world at all times and under all circumstances". Appreciate The Power of Now, "the precious present".

  5. One-2-One WELLNESS will emphasize recruitment of lower abdominal muscles, an area often neglected because many tend to focus on sit-ups and crunches and the upper abs "6-pack". When the abdominal wall is successfully activated, the intra-abdominal pressure created will offer pelvic and spinal stabilization, decreasing the compressive and rotational forces on the spine and reducing the chances of injury. In addition, especially in women, strengthening pelvic floor and lower abdominal muscles is excellent protection against incontinence.

  6. In ancient Chinese wisdom the idea, the inspiration, the being, is the Yin. The action, the assertion, the doing, is the Yang. To achieve WELLNESS, the circle of life requires a balance of Yin and Yang energy, harmony within the muscles and the mind, and an intelligent body/mind connection.
    One-2-One WELLNESS will support this balance.